Read and Resist: Tranny by Laura Jane Grace

Welcome to Read and Resist, a blog series where I review books that amplify marginalized voices and address social justice issues. This includes fiction and non-fiction books (especially #OwnVoices), so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!   If you find the title "Tranny" a little¬†shocking, you aren't alone. Like any good LGBTQIA+ … Continue reading Read and Resist: Tranny by Laura Jane Grace

Mirror, Mirror: Favorites in Non-Fiction

During the summer, my mother would take my brother and I to the library every single week. We were voracious readers no matter the time of year, but there is something especially magical about summer reading. The long days spent by the pool, the family vacations, the school-free hours--they all begged to have a book … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror: Favorites in Non-Fiction