Land of the Free

My first real introduction to politics was the year 2000. I was eight years old. Our teacher had just given a lesson about the two presidential candidates: George W. Bush and Al Gore. He then handed us a worksheet with a short, kid-friendly version of each candidate's platform. I didn't know anything about those two men, … Continue reading Land of the Free

hello, september

Why, hello, September! I can't believe 2016 has gone by so quickly, but here we are--and there's already so much happening! This weekend, I am headed to Dragoncon in Atlanta. Despite my extreme nerdiness, this will be my first con ever...and apparently, they throw a Yule Ball every year. I CAN'T WAIT. After we've recovered from a weekend of … Continue reading hello, september

Friends, Waffles, and Work: Athens, GA

Despite the fact that I lived in Georgia for part of my childhood, I still feel like the entire state is brand-new--and fortunately for a wanderlust-ridden twenty-something like me, there are dozens of places to explore. Last week, our friends Abby and Chris invited Drew and I on a double date adventure to Athens, GA. … Continue reading Friends, Waffles, and Work: Athens, GA

love is love is love is love is love

Once again, our country is mourning. My social media feeds are filled with calls for prayers, information for blood donors, and political debates. I know any status I share or any blog I write will just be a blip on the vast space we call the Internet, but I am writing this because when I feel helpless, words … Continue reading love is love is love is love is love

Friends, Waffles, and Work: June 5

As promised, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming here at Quills and Crystals! Obviously, last week wasn't quite as action-packed as the week that we spent in Florida. I miss the ocean terribly, but stepping back into my daily routine feels more refreshing and less monotonous after a few days of vacation. And yet, in … Continue reading Friends, Waffles, and Work: June 5

ANXIETY: the mental health post

Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: May is Mental Health Month. This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for months now, and I knew I couldn't wait any longer. This post focuses on anxiety, but I also mention depression and suicide. Obviously, I am not a mental health professional, and mental illness can manifest in different ways. If … Continue reading ANXIETY: the mental health post

Friends, Waffles, and Work: TGIF

It's finally Friday, and what a week it has been!  The majority of my time has been spent either applying for jobs or working, but I've also been trying to focus on blogging (can you tell?) and catching up on sleep. Exciting, I know. Still, those everyday tasks have a way of building up until … Continue reading Friends, Waffles, and Work: TGIF