love is love is love is love is love


Once again, our country is mourning. My social media feeds are filled with calls for prayers, information for blood donors, and political debates. I know any status I share or any blog I write will just be a blip on the vast space we call the Internet, but I am writing this because when I feel helpless, words are the only things that make sense.

But nothing about this makes sense.

This is the second blog post I have written about a shooting. The first shooting directly affected my family; the shooting in Orlando is the worst in United States history.

And I have to ask: when will it stop?

When will we turn on the news without seeing such horrific headlines? When will the hatred and prejudice against our LGBTQ brothers and sisters end? When will we learn how to discuss terrorism and ISIS without spreading Islamophobia and even more ignorance and bigotry?

I wish I had an answer.

As a straight woman, I will never live through the terror that many of my friends have endured. I have never felt ostracized and dehumanized by the church, the government, or my family because of who I love. My heart hurts knowing that this is the world we live in.


As we grieve, we must also respond in love. Pray for Orlando, yes, but also for LGBTQ people across the world. Pray for the victims and their loved ones. Pray for the LGBTQ Muslims who face prejudice against their orientation and their faith. Pray for those who believe that hate is stronger than love. Donate blood, or donate money to a victims’ fund. Share news on social media. Educate friends and family members. Attend a vigil in your city. Listen to LGBTQ voices, and don’t disregard their experiences. 

I hope that we can build a better world.

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