Friends, Waffles, and Work: June 5

As promised, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming here at Quills and Crystals! Obviously, last week wasn’t quite as action-packed as the week that we spent in Florida. I miss the ocean terribly, but stepping back into my daily routine feels more refreshing and less monotonous after a few days of vacation.

And yet, in between work, job hunting, and other items on my to-do list, some days feel overwhelmingly busy. I’ve realized that writing FWAW is not only a fun series for my blog, but it’s great for my spirit–and a great way to remember everyday joys that I might otherwise disregard.

Today, I am thankful for:

listening to David Bowie on shuffle • visiting dogs at the animal shelter • Remembrance by Meg Cabot (I missed Suze and Jesse more than I realized) •  job interviews • friends who share cupcakes (thanks, Kate) • Drew and I acting ridiculous • Master Chef Junior and Kids’ Baking Championship • browsing through Goodreads • reading for hours at a time • planning a trip to San Francisco • helping kids while I am at work • letters from my grandmother • writing fantasy stories • “These pancakes are on fleek” and “I’ve been so on fleek at work lately”• the magic of AirBnB • reading my favorite blogs • Constable Chubs becoming friends with Kate’s cat, Sam • the fact that my best friend finally has a break from studying for med school • when people ask about my tattoos • looking through pictures from Florida • Donut Day •

What are you grateful for this week? I’d love to hear from you!

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