Friends, Waffles, and Work: TGIF

It's finally Friday, and what a week it has been!  The majority of my time has been spent either applying for jobs or working, but I've also been trying to focus on blogging (can you tell?) and catching up on sleep. Exciting, I know. Still, those everyday tasks have a way of building up until … Continue reading Friends, Waffles, and Work: TGIF


Why We Love Game of Thrones

A few years ago, a little show called Game of Thrones took over the world.  I couldn't go anywhere on Facebook or Tumblr without hearing about it. I didn't even know what the show was about, but I knew there was a lot of nudity, and a lot of fighting. Since violence isn't really my jam, I wasn't too intrigued. … Continue reading Why We Love Game of Thrones

Friends, Waffles, and Work: Choosing Joy

Last week, I started a new series called "Friends, Waffles, and Work" because I felt overwhelmed--which, honestly, is just something that happens when you are extremely sensitive and easily stressed. Despite the challenges I am currently facing, I know it is not my circumstances that cause so much stress: it is my own negativity. I set incredibly high … Continue reading Friends, Waffles, and Work: Choosing Joy

House-Elves and Children’s Tales

If we haven't met--or, more than likely, if this is your first time visiting--there is something you should know: I love to read. I can never quite answer the question, "What do you like to read?", because I'll read anything. As writers, that's a piece of advice we constantly give one another: read everything. It's also good advice … Continue reading House-Elves and Children’s Tales

Friends, Waffles, and Work: First Edition

Leslie Knope, one of my favorite television characters of all time, says that the important things in life are friends, waffles, and work. "Friends, Waffles, and Work" is my newest series of blog entries, inspired by Gala Darling's  Things I Love Thursday and other bloggers who take the time to write about things they love and … Continue reading Friends, Waffles, and Work: First Edition

Wanderlust: Toccoa Falls, Georgia

If I had unlimited free time and an infinite supply of cash, I would travel everywhere. Most people I know would, too. Maybe it's because the Internet has let us learn more about how amazing this world can be, or maybe it's just because we all crave a little bit of adventure. Unfortunately, I have not … Continue reading Wanderlust: Toccoa Falls, Georgia