a post about nothing (the seinfeld post)

Things have been rather quiet around here, haven’t they?


I’ve been busy. 

I suppose I haven’t been that much busier than usual. My life has consisted of work, travel, and job applications–nothing out of the ordinary, but crazy enough to where I would open this blog, stare at the blank screen, and claim that I had NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT.

I probably don’t have to tell you that is also false.

It is true, however, that I have a horrendous people-pleaser mentality that often prevents me from writing what I want to write. What kind of blog is this, anyway? A personal journal of all my adventures? A way to further a writing career? A political forum? A literary review site? Who knows? I’ve had ideas for posts that could fall into any and all of the above categories, and I have posted about 2% of those. Or something. I can’t do math, but just trust me on this one.

So, yes, I am writing this solely for the purpose of telling you I don’t know what to write about. One of my teachers once told me that if you write ‘I don’t know what to write,’ the words will eventually come. Usually, I spend a lot of time writing words and erasing them until I am happy with whatever I come up with.

Maybe I will give this ‘I don’t know what to write’ thing a try.

Or maybe I can just write what makes me happy. This blog isn’t even about you. It’s about me. Sorry if you thought otherwise, but I’m the one writing it.

So. Yeah. Take that, Internet.

Even writing that felt mean! And it’s a joke! And I wrote it to some random person on the Internet I probably don’t know! What is my problem?

In the midst of this crazy-busy phase I seem to be going through, life has been crazy-beautiful, too. That’s what I will write about: all the happy things.

Like watching Inside Out with my boyfriend. And crying hysterically.

Or holding my best friend’s newborn baby.

Or going on a ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia.

Or reading Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris and being physically incapable of holding in laughter during some chapters.

I never wrote an official Thanksgiving post, but I am very grateful for all these happy things. It turns out they cure writer’s block and help manage stress and anxiety.

Who knew?

Until next time, my friends. I promise to write from the heart.


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